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What People Say...

It's hard to believe that light touches could produce such profound changes. My life has changed, my relationships are better, and I've become a more loving person. Thank you."


Our Focus

Your overall healing and wellness is chiropractor Dick Shepard’s focus. He and his wife Noel—who manages many aspects of their chiropractic practice—care deeply about you and your well-being. They will assist you in learning how to connect with your body through their unique approach to chiropractic and release the tension that has built up there. This helps you more effectively handle the stresses in your life and allows you to make healthier choices promoting overall wellness.

Wellness is the ability to feel well, regardless of our circumstance—to be able to feel well whether or not life is challenging, whether or not we currently are experiencing pain or symptoms, whether or not external or internal conditions or circumstances appear to be "good" or "bad". It's the ability to be really in touch with your body (and mind and emotions) so it can let you know if the decisions you are making are really healthy, or are just based on old patterning.

This felt sense of wellness includes greater physical well-being, greater mental/emotional well-being, and a greater connectedness of the whole being to all of life. This is what makes our lives whole and happy, regardless of what is arising.

These feelings of well-being and an increase in quality of life factors (such as greater joy, satisfaction, and overall happiness in many different areas of life) are precisely what people experience when they are receiving Network chiropractic care. This has been documented and demonstrated through research we have conducted for the past 15 years.

People come to our office for a wide variety of reasons. People may be concerned with certain symptoms or pain because they feel something just isn't right. They may be depressed or feel stuck or feel that nothing is really working in their lives.

Many people are at a crossroads or point in their life where they recognize that change needs to occur, but they don't know how to do that or what it might look like. We also get many, many people who have been "everywhere" trying to find out what is really happening with their bodies.